Your circuit breaker in top conditION 

Use our extensive installation audit to test your circuit breakers on various components. An important part of this audit is checking the availability of spare parts. This ensures that your installation can continue for years.

Looking for the right solution?

We create it!

By using innovative techniques such as 3d printing we create non-existent solutions for your electrical installation. Forward engineering that even the manufacturer of your installation does not know!

The technical

specialists  for every 

UNIQUE situation

Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to work in the most challenging locations. From drilling platform to hospital. Critical power is our comfort zone! Our certified employees have experience with helicopter flights, sailing maintenance and know how to deal with (heavily) secured locations including hospitals, ministries etc.

The top 10 of santon circuit breaker services

24/7 service


Minimum conversion times


experts in safety


assistence with installation


Eigen research & development


WorLdwide services


periodic auditing




certification of installations


Support for turn-key installations


topcondition with Santon Circuit Breaker Services

How is the condition of your circuit breakers?

Let us contact you to make an appointment for a free condition analysis of your switches. To test your own condition, we bring you a sports watch!

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Een topconditie samen met Santon Circuit Breaker Services

Hoe staat het met de conditie van uw vermogensschakelaars?

Laat ons contact met u op nemen om een afspraak voor een gratis conditieanalyse van uw schakelaars te maken. Om uw eigen conditie te testen nemen we dan gelijk een sporthorloge voor u mee!

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Enthousiaste Service Engineer (elektrotechniek)

Wegens uitbreiding van onze activiteiten in binnen- en buitenland zijn wij op zoek naar een enthousiaste Service Engineer (elektrotechniek). Als Service Engineer bij Santon Circuit Breaker Services ben je betrokken bij gespecialiseerde elektrotechnische projecten....

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Announcement from Santon

Today we are pleased to announce that discoverIE located in the UK has bought our company Santon Group BV located in the Netherlands. Please allow us to explain in this communication why the global Santon team is very enthusiastic to enter into this new phase of our...

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