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Upgrade and retrofit

Santon Circuit Breaker Services acquired through the years of activity in their work field, a lot knowledge and experience about electrical protection systems. That knowledge we put into place to help our customers by upgrading and retrofitting there protection systems.

  • MV LV protection relays
  • Arc Flash protection relays
  • Upgrade and retrofit
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Selectivity and fault studies
  • Advanced testing equipment
  • Short swap out time

Replacing and retrofitting your obsolete protection relays

Protection relays
Protection relays are protecting staff and equipment related to electrical dangers like fire caused by overheating, short circuit and other electrical faults. You find this relays in most the cases in MV distribution systems although you also can find them in LV distribution systems their role is more and more taken over by the integrated protection relays in LV circuit breakers.

Testing and commissioning
Our skilled specialists have the knowledge and state of the art equipment to test certify and commissioning your protection relays regardless of their functions.

Advanced testing equipment
We have test equipment that is capable of testing relays with six channels current and voltage inputs.

Skilled Engineers
Our skilled engineers can bring the best technical support to your benefit enabling you to concentrate on your primary tasks.

Short swap out time
By means of our pre engineered retrofit products we can guarantee you short outage times and projects lead times.

Arc-Flash protection
Santon Circuit Breaker Services consider themselves as a specialist through tears off experience with VAMP arc-flash protection systems. (Today of Schneider Electric VAMP range arc flash detection and protection relays)  By integration off this relays especially in more outdated equipment you can protect personal and assets to dangers of arc flash.( an arc flash is a mass of heat and pressure caused by a switchgear fault, not only does it cause power outages but it can also result in loss of business)

Selectivity and fault studies
If necessary Santon Circuit Breakers can executed or assist you with all kind of selectivity questions and short-circuit fault studies, using advance software tools and extended experience in this work field.